Shades of Grey Soap
Shades of Grey Soap
Shades of Grey Soap

Shades of Grey Soap

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Paint Creek Soap is made the old-fashioned way where oils and lye come together using the cold-process method of soapmaking. Every bar is hand cut and hand trimmed and weighs between 3-4 oz, variations in size will occur. 

We recommend keeping in a proper soap dish that allows the bar to dry well between uses. Paint Creek Soaps are formulated to not strip skin of its natural oils, and we hand select oils that will add additional nourishment to many skin types. 

Shades of Grey soap includes:
Coconut Oil-packed with protein, Vitamin E and fatty acids.
Palm Oil-high in Vitamin E which penetrates deep into the skin's layers.
Olive Oil-antioxidant rich with Vitamin A and E.
Cocoa Butter-high in fatty acids and hydrates the skin.
Castor Oil-helps to seal in moisture.
Activated Charcoal - believed to draw out toxins and help detoxify.

Fragrance profile: rose and wild geranium with notes of bergamot and gold amber.